Important Message Before Sending E-Mail
I am not Peyton Manning nor can I give your message to Peyton. I am Peyton's biggest fan (self ordained). The only way I know of contacting Peyton is thru the address listed below. I do not know if Peyton is connected to the Internet or if he has an e-mail address. Please be patient when sending Peyton a letter. Peyton receives thousands upon thousands of letters. Please respect Peyton's right to privacy and NEVER approach Peyton at his private residence. Good Luck!!!

Peyton's Contact Information
Indianapolis Colts Address
Mr. Peyton Manning
C/O Indianapolis Colts
P.O. Box 535000
Indianapolis, IN 46253
Public Relations President
Kathleen Hessert
Sports Media Challenge
Phone: 704-365-5027
Fax: 704-366-9556
Karin Arnold
Phone: 216-522-1200
Fax: 216-522-1145
Speaking Engagements
IMG Speakers
Phone: 216-522-1200
Fax: 216-522-1145

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